Here is a list of my favourite insights that I draw on for strength, inspiration, clarity and direction.

  1. Where the mind goes, energy flows.
  2. Eat and drink Love to be Love.
  3. Alignment first, then action.
  4. Change your state so hard things become fun.
  5. Change your frequency by changing your physiology, focus or the story your telling.
  6. Affirmation and appreciation is far superior to expectation and criticism.
  7. Complexity is the enemy of execution.
  8. Simplicity is the key to execution.
  9. Proximity is power.
  10. Celebrate your heroes.
  11. Feeling bad? Shake that arse.
  12. Everything is better from a beautiful state. So shake that booty and get into a beautiful state.
  13. End suffering now. By identifying the suffering and then say your “fuck no suffering script” and send the suffering packing, or hold it away, or send it into the sun and then activate a beautiful state by focus, movement, breathing, storytelling, Visualization, theme songs etc.
  14. Your reticular activated system finds evidence to prove self is right… make sure you want to be right about the things you say and believe.
  15. My energy flows to something. The something becomes aware and flows to me. Connection is made.
  16. Power up every day.
  17. Make your time doing one thing propel your life forward. Like driving, exercising listen to audiobooks or work on a problem with focused energy.
  18. Start with why.
  19. Know your why.
  20. Know your outcome.
  21. Have SMART goals, specific, measurable,action oriented, realistic, times.
  22. All visions can be activated or deactivated by the brain: dull, bright, colour, black and white, moving, still, in the vision, watching it, put the vision in the sun, close, far, to the side, music, blurred, clear, one screen, multiple screens, loud, soft…
  23. One small step can be enough.
  24. Massive action can be fun and fabulous.
  25. Fast, faster, fastest.
  26. 2mm difference can make all the difference.
  27. Stomach in, chest proud, be outstanding.
  28. Shake your bottom and get happy.
  29. The power of belief is determined by certainty.
  30. Two fears, not being enough and not being loved.
  31. My state effects what I accomplish in a day.
  32. What does my life look like at the next level?
  33. Focus on replacing the routine of habit loops. Identify the trigger and the reward. Concentrate and change what you can. Embrace the power of habits.
  34. Clarity around decisions equals certainty.
  35. We are not our patterns. We can change them.
  36. People are not their problems, they have problems.
  37. Distinctions are helpful.
  38. A new thought can effect our emotions.
  39. Be creative, playful and powerful I. The realm of your mind.
  40. Your heart/soul rules your world.
  41. Your mind is the paintbrush not the artist.
  42. Heart is core.
  43. What is your core competencies.
  44. Know your special sauce, your unique X factor.
  45. Replace tightness with curiosity to Love everyone.
  46. We renegotiate our decisions when something has shifted and we no longer feel in control and powerful. Shift again!
  47. Strategies can change but if the why is meaningful the outcome won’t!
  48. Humans are meaning making machines. Choose your meaning wisely.
  49. Change/create/choose your inner archetype of the Brain.
  50. Your living your own hero’s journey. Play your part.
  51. Get a soundtrack that honours your story.
  52. Choose a theme song.
  53. Choose a power move.
  54. Choose a signature colour.
  55. Ask and you shall receive.
  56. Ask specifically.
  57. Condition yourself to the life of your dreams.
  58. Progress not perfection is required.
  59. It takes skills and beliefs to be an agent of change.
  60. Conditioning is how I get myself to do what I dream of doing.
  61. Whatever you believe you Live.
  62. Be a leader for yourself.
  63. Go into the unknown.
  64. Change happens on the edge of your comfort zone.
  65. It’s not personal development if it feels comfortable.
  66. Don’t Push…BE PULLED.
  67. Create a compelling future for yourself.
  68. People overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in a decade.
  69. Find a way or make a way.
  70. Failure is part for the course. Celebrate it.
  71. Know your focal point.
  72. Who you spend time with is who you become.
  73. Peoples lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group.
  74. Who’s on your team? Humanity?
  75. Surround yourself with people who have the confidence to challenge and support you.
  76. Good timber does not grow with ease but a river will flow as long as it can. Are you a river or are you a tree?
  77. I freaking rock and so do you!
  78. Anchor yourself to what is important.
  79. Make an entrance.
  80. Personal high five.
  81. Pat yourself on the back.
  82. Celebrate every chance you get.
  83. Take a deep breath in. Repeat 5 times.
  84. Go for a walk.
  85. Do the Wonder Woman pose! Daily!
  86. If trying to connect, match and mirror another person, tone, tempo and posture.
  87. Before people die, brighten up all their fabulous memories through the embrace of the 5 senses.
  88. Identify self and others as auditory, kinaesthetic or visual.
  89. Love your family, choose your peers.
  90. Rapport is finding something in common with others to feel connection.
  91. Science of achievement.
  92. Art of fulfilment.
  93. Art of Allowing.
  94. Law of reciprocity.
  95. Close the gap, a new gap is created.
  96. Become obsessed.
  97. The reward is always another level.
  98. Life will pay any price you ask for.
  99. No matter what, have 3x 100 dollar bills in your wallet.
  100. Incantations are affirmations with feeling and power and purpose.
  101. Your word is your wand.
  102. Decision shapes destiny.
  103. Disappointment can either destroy or drive you.
  104. Master the fuel of life, ENERGY.
  105. Repetition is the mother of mastery.
  106. Mastery takes 10 000 hours in a well slept human.
  107. Emotion is made by motion.
  108. Sit up tall.
  109. Sit up engaged.
  110. Religion means to celebrate.
  111. A state can change in a heartbeat.
  112. Find a role model and people who inspired you.
  113. Check you me Asstitude.
  114. Do the golden goddess/gods through doors.
  115. Squeeze tight hand when feeling in peak states.
  116. Make your move, say yes, say yes, say yes, now let the sound of you unleashed.
  117. Constant and never ending improvement is a fun way to live.
  118. To feel good now, go to the past and milk good moments for joy, fun, laughter, pride, accomplishment, confidence, success and abundance.
  119. Your why needs to be powerful.
  120. Make a plan.
  121. Immersion learning propels you forwards.
  122. Have a coach.
  123. Be held accountable.
  124. 5,4,3,2,1… lift off, go, take action now.
  125. Enjoy a peer group that inspires you.
  126. Raise your standards.
  127. Break the pattern.
  128. Success leads clues.
  129. Everything is a pattern of action, debt, depression, fitness, health, happiness.
  130. Break the pattern to change the pattern.
  131. Change your life and replace expectations with appreciation.
  132. Imperceptible change can be the start of an avalanche of positive change.
  133. Make lists of positive aspects.
  134. Stretch, don’t snap.
  135. Lean in.
  136. Turn up for the ones you love.
  137. Treat your inner circle like royalty.
  138. Be sensitive to the feedback your receiving and change as much as you need to, to reach your desire.
  139. Healing starts with being heard and making a connection.
  140. Human needs, certainty, uncertainty, significance, love/connection, contribution and growth, know which one is your priority.
  141. If you do what the masses do, you get what the masses get.
  142. It can be lonely at the leading edge.
  143. Expansion is the natural state of the universe.
  144. Get into state before making important decisions.
  145. Fear is false evidence appearing real.
  146. Rock your transformation montage.
  147. Shrink small and float on a cloud to release tension.
  148. Your memories are always available to activate you.