Look U P!


Small steps are delightful.


Let Go and be a bit silly.


What is your reason to press pause?


Love is often my reason why…


To find a way to be healthy and enjoy more vegan meals has required a major overhaul and intentional life design. I spent a decade trying to change myself to fit into my life as a vegan. Trying to develop self control,  social non-conformity and the inner “strength” to say no. That ended in failure…


A sandwich for lunch. It was the go-to winner when I was growing up. But now that I do not believe in bread as an appropriate food source, sadly the life and times of the good old Nutella sandwich is over.  I am amazed as a mother how powerful childhood programming comes in.  Turning to…


Feeling light in my body is one of my favourite feelings. My steps are easier. My eyes are brighter. My thoughts are crisper. And life feels kind and approachable. Part of my new positive approach to being vegan is becoming clear on all the reasons why I love to eat plants. I am completely aware…