Why bother changing?

Why bother dealing with the uncomfortable feelings that change unveils?

Why be willing to true when setbacks and challenges will arise?

Why grow?

These are the all important questions!

Why indeed!

I am choosing to find a habitually vegan lifestyle to feel free. Free from guilt. Free from heartache. Free from the discomfort of living a life that does not align to my values.

I want relief.

I want to simply live my days, where what I eat and what I wear is vegan.

All my clothes and shoes are vegan, or at least plant based. And that feels great.

For me it is about kindness and just being able to live with integrity that I am able to put kindness above taste.

That my value of kindness isn’t only actioned when it comes easy and naturally. But that I habitually live where kindness is my North Star. I look to it before making decisions. And I have the skills of self control, organisation, foresight and love that allow the alignment to be.