It is easy to look down.

The negativity bias is real and true.

It is easy to notice what’s wrong, what I didn’t do, what’s not going right and where I should be better.

But fuck that shit!

Today requires Up! Up! Up! Up!

It may not be easy or automatic for my brain… but with a bit of practice I think I can rewire my plastic brain Pollyanna style.

I am giving my brain a new job.

Look up.

Up to the bright blue sky.

Up to the bright future awaiting.

Up to the clouds.

Up to my dreams and desires.

Up to the birds flying.

Up to where my spirit soars.

Up to the tree tops.

Up where my heart flys free.

As Dr. Seuss says to eloquently, Today is a great day for Up.

And I agree!

What’s your view today when you look up?