It took over a year of having my nut bag in the drawer before I could even fathom making nut mylk.

I needed to go to a demonstration and see what I had read.

I also needed to watch numerous video clips on you tube.

To make that step from intention to action took years.


But true.

I think that is why this path can be so daunting because the invisible resistance to taking new action comes in numerous and uncountable and unforeseeable ways.

Distractions. Other options. Old habits. The power of conditioning. Lack of time. Lack of inspiration. Lack of motivation. Tv. Apathy. Obligations. Other desires. Fun. Relationships. Drama. Cuddles. Etc etc etc.

But attention can go to only one place at a time.

I have seen the effect on my life and my health when I give attention to everything that is working against me and making it difficult. The power of cravings, social conditioning and the need to feel accepted…blah blah blah.

Now that the years have ticked on and I annoyingly still desire to be the pure blissful vegan.

I must in deed try another road.

Thank fully since starting the journey the world has changed dramatically and I too have changed.

Now I can focus on all that is working for me. Or I could just continue the same old apathetic life of incongruent actions and daily feelings of disappointment and shame.

I definitely feel change is essential.

Now I am free. Free from any idea that focusing on the problems will help me find alignment.

I am now free to focus on all the Future Almond Mylks… like how to make a salad dressing and where to find vegan footwear I like.

Now I am free to focus on everything that is helping me find a way into aligned action.

I can now focus on the blossoming vegan industry, the pioneering vegan role models, the success stories, the small wins, the big wins, words that feel kind, ideas that are uplifting, stories that create hope, images that inspire, life changing books and music that makes me want to dance.

It is focusing on these things that allows resistance to subside so aligned action can find its way into the now.

It is the way I found my way to home made hummus last week.

It doesn’t sound like much.

But home made hummus and my ability to bring that from a hot air intention to a grounded real life action. (I have made it 3 times now.)

Well, in fact… it is a Miracle.

And I will leave you today with this beautiful quote by an amazing writer Oriah Mountain Dreamer.

“Sometimes I think there are only two instructions we need to follow to develop and deepen our spiritual life: slow down and let go.”