Tea was something I once sufferered through.

It was the drink I would turn to when I needed to make water less bland.

Or the drink I drank when trying desperately to give up coffee.

Tea was a second rate drink, unsatisfactory and consistently disappointing.

I wanted to love tea.

I wanted to enjoy a vegan healthy drink.

I wanted to relish in the ritual and beauty of herbal tea.

But I didn’t. I loved caffeine, alcohol and everything that contained several mountains of sugar.

But something has changed.

Dramatically changed.

My husband brought home some organic hand crafted loose leaf tea.

My pre Marie Kondo and my pre minimalist self never had the “time” for loose leaf tea. It was bag only.

But the woman I am today has time for loose leaf tea. I now have time for the ritual of brewing my tea.

The first few cups didn’t register.

But after a week… I noticed that I was anticipating my cup of tea. I was actually looking forward to it.

It was such a relief to find alignment with herbal tea. And it was nice because it was an unexpected surprise.

So now. I am a lover of tea.

Now, I anticipate my morning cup of tea.

Now, I anticipate my mid morning cup of tea.

Now, I even anticipate my after dinner cup of tea!

It feels like such a blessing. And I know for certain it has to do with this beautiful well crafted tea. People creating well crafted items have the power to change lives. And I am deeply appreciative of the woman who followed her passion and love of tea to create the tea I now adore.

It is a new love affair. And it is one that is healthy and vegan. And that kind of alignment feels wonderful.

What new “in alignment” love affair have you discovered?