In the moment I hear a kookaburra laughing, I feel comforted and relaxed.
In the moment my cold body hits the warm embrace of a salt bath, I feel delight and calm.
In the moment I put my hand to my husbands face, I feel love and connection.
In the moment I take the rubbish to the bin, I feel accomplished and clean.
In the moment I brush my children’s hair, I feel loving and engaged.
In the moment I laugh with my sister, I feel playful and free.
In the moment I eat my bowl of plants for dinner, I feel nourished and compassionate.
In the moment when I write, I feel clarity and joy.
And in the moment you read the words I write, I wish that you feel inspired and hopeful.
I write because I love to write.
I share my writings because I want to add value to other people. I want to sprinkle inspiration and love into your inbox, into your day, into your mind and more powerfully into your heart.
I want to create writings that become magical moments for me as I write them and for you as you read them.
That is my wish.