Before embarking on this journey exploring what it means to be healthy, I assumed there was a one right way.

I am happy to now know their is no one right way.

I now know their are countless ways to be healthy and live a happy life.

There was the old New Yorker vegetarian who ate one meal every day for dinner that often contained lots of pasta. He was so old and joyful.

There was the old woman who drank red wine and lots of cheese who was healthy and active.

There was the person who juiced heaps.

The person who blended lots.

The person who fasted every week.

The person who would water fast for 40 days every year.

The person who wild harvested food.

The person who lives on sunlight.

The person who just eats toast and other non specific food and feels her passion keeps her healthy and active and happy.

The person who only eats raw.

The person who eats mostly cooked food.

The organic only person.

The all food from nature is good food person.

The “I bless” my food so I know it’s always good for me person.

The I add extra enzymes to make all I eat digestible and healthy.

I have, to my great surprise, seen individuals walk such diverse and interesting paths and find personal health and happiness.

I like this.

It points me inwards.

What’s my truth?

What feels good to me?

What do I like?

What flows with my life?

My voice, my individualised perspective is essential to finding and walking my healthy path.

And that feels great to know.

I am not operating a robot with precise fuel requirements.

I am an organic living ecosystem that is deeply intelligent and capable of health in diverse situations.

I now feel like all I really need to do is relax, loosen up, have fun and do what feels good!