I have been faced with numerous well meaning but ignorant health professionals, since the age of 12, tell me the big fat lie that being vegan is unhealthy and unwise.

Doctors, naturopaths, massage therapists, dentists… the list goes on.

Individuals that obviously have never studied vegan nutrition tell me it is unsafe to be vegan. My blood boils.

I have known many individuals who have been compelled by their “health” professional to stop being vegan.

It makes me angry.

And that is ok.

Because it has also made me wiser.

Before I put myself into the presence of a “health” professional I now first ask if they are vegan friendly.

This one simple step completely eliminates this issue. No boiling blood required.

It is another problem easily annihilated by simply making my vegan path a priority and communicating that in a clear calm manner to myself and others before any “issues” may ever arise.

It feels very comfortable and safe knowing I will always have my values and choices respected by the professionals I choose to associate with.

It’s good to remember I am the one paying them and it is my responsibility to choose wisely!

I love my own power to choose.