Last night was the first night in years that I feel asleep on my back and awakened while still on my back!

This is a major accomplishment.

I have been trying to do this ever since back pain entered my life over 7 years ago.

From my research there were a few things I could do.

1. Walk more.

2. Stretch more.

3. Sleep in the floor.

4. Sleep on my back.

I have finally transitioned to full time sleeping on the floor which feels great.

I used to just sleep on the floor for 3-5 days to fix my back when it got really bad. Then when it was ok… back to the comfortable bed I would go.

But this time I decided long term change was needed.

So full time sleeping on the floor has been great! Even though I sleep on my side, it has still been good and definitely helped my back.

I was starting to think I would never be able to train myself out of the beloved fetal position.

But last night was a winner.

It feels good to have been finally able to do something that seemed ever elusive.

That is the best aspect of trying and failing so many times. For when alignment comes, it feels like bliss!

It was a nice reminder that change in my body may not happen to the schedule my mind has mapped out, but nonetheless change can happen and it is beautiful.