Now that life is slow, I am starting to notice things.

Like how amazing organic celery can be.

How the colour can shine bright. How the aroma can tickle my nose.  And how it is so big I need to use all my finger strength to pick it up with one hand.

And today seeing a big beautiful organic celery, that was at a price I could easily afford was wonderful!

Feeling joy at seeing an organic celery was quite a surprise.

I can not remember ever feeling celery related joy before!

I now notice when my veggies are fresh and bright.

Before when I shopped I was like a heartless zombie moving around and grabbing item by item. No joy, no presence.

Just another mundane activity that I had to endure week in and week out.

Now that I am actually eating the food I buy, not just storing it in my fridge before it goes old and needs to be discarded. And now that when I do eat it, I eat it in a way that I can really taste the plants, everything has changed.

I enjoy going to get my edible plants weekly. Seeing what is in season. Finding the bright and fresh items.  Smelling the variety of smells and starting to anticipate my yummy week ahead.

Now, what was once a chore, is now a source of joy!

And thank goodness for that!