My favourite part about simplifying my dinner and lifestyle is that I have more time and energy to do things that I enjoy and value.

That is certainly why I feel motivated to eat this way and why eventually finding alignment with eating only dinner is so important.

I want less time eating and doing things associated with eating and more time engaged in deep work, in meaningful moments with my loved ones and developing my ability to enjoy my days more deeply and with more presence and connection.

I still find myself to be a deeply distracted person despite taking powerful steps to release phone addiction and the other fickle distractions we face daily.

I feel hopeful and I feel more like I am walking my path, less like I am searching for my path. And that is a really wonderful transition.

My mothers death is still inspiring me to face ugly truths and find ways forward.

Her death was traumatic and tragic because she knew how to heal, her death was not due to ignorance but a symptom of overwhelm, fear and heartache…symptoms I too face daily… and many others.

How do we face this diverse world and cultivate love, joy and inspiration and internal drive and direction?

How do we do this when the negative bias is so strong and intertwined not only in the grey matter found in my skull but also into the invisible social conditioning that shapes so much of my day and experiences?

I am grateful for my mothers passing, it was very the wake up call I needed to prioritise the important things.