Letting Go


I am discovering that in the exhale, life is also beautiful.

Before minimalism.
Life was all about the inhale.
All about the getting.
All about receiving.
All about the new and the more.

That is all a lot of fun. It is fast and exciting. It is exhilarating and expanding.
But after a decade high on the inhale. I am discovering the sweetness of the exhale.

The little moment when a hug is finished but the intimacy is still present.
The the tasty delight of the food lingering in my mouth after I just swallowed.
The aroma of my husband just after he has come in close and blessed me with a tender kiss.

The joy of saying goodbye to my son and watching his backpack jump up and down, as he runs excitedly to school.

The silence in the house before sleep seduces me into the dreamtime.

These are all the exhale moments of my life. I am enjoying them. And it is only now after discovering less really is more, that I have the mindfulness to be present with these precious moments.

Before it was just full obsession with the inhale. It was Fun. Glorious even!
But I am grateful to the new found balance and my newfound ability to exhale and enjoy. I am savouring life more now, and that feels sweet!

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