I adore that in stormy confusing emotional moments I know my North Star and can head in that direction even if I am tired and triggered.

It is such relief to have faced temptation today with my bright lines due to being a bit tired and scattered and yet I was able to keep those lines bright bright like Diamonds.

Despite the triggers… I feel delighted and am thankful it has been such a fabulous day full of alignment and forward motion.

Food Diary for 2nd January 2019 – The Day Of Purity.

  1. 10oz kale coleslaw with tahini dressing
  2. 10oz green salad with lemon oil dressing
  3. 12oz of Almond mylk
  4. 1oz of chia seeds with lime and water
  5. 1oz of pecans
  6. And sadly that was it because I had forgotten my dip in the fridge at home! (And yes… I nearly cried when I realised!)

I feel so grateful I could honour my Mothers memory and her birthday without breaking my bright lines! I am sure she was helping and supporting my alignment all through the day! Blessings and little moments of beauty were everywhere.

May we all feel connected to the ones we love… wherever they may be.