It was just so damn satisfying!

Big green smoothie with a whole lemon, ginger, fruit, kale and even some coriander with a side of cashews!

Sitting on the steps with my daughter in the sunshine.

It was heavenly.

Today reminds me that eating raw vegan is fabulous!! Saying yes to fruit and nuts makes the world of difference.

I can feel the goodness activating happy vibes.

I am still enjoying my coffee and some other food, but this is my middle road, getting back in the flow journey and it’s great. I fasted 14 hours this morning which is better than last week which was 6 hours.

It’s a win!

I am back eating only meals with my “snacking sucks” and “meals are magical” mottos shinning bright like a lighthouse of truth.

It’s nice being a bit playful and relaxed with it all.

Sailing in the right direction feels a million times better then trying to force some overnight transformation!

Oh, the sweet relief!