I am back home from camping and feeling dedicated to loosing the rest of the weight and feeling happy, thin and free for my next camping trip in January.

I am realising more and more that what I love about OMAD is the freedom and flexibility it can give me.

If I let go of a bit of control, I can make OMAD, good enough, better then and realistic and doable today!

Even if I do eat meat or drink milk… it’s better then if I ate it for three meals with snacks all day long!

Even if it is not the healthiest food choices it is good enough for today, because with fasting every day, I feel my body gets enough time, enough rest, enough autophagy, enough water, enough nutrition to get to the next day with a feeling of success, progress and feeling proud I am moving forward.

And if I relax a bit, there is also enough flexibility in my diet and day that my rebel, free spirit, lover of life can be unrestrained and play!

It’s this balance between my rebel free spirit and my goal oriented dreamer that has been missing and the conflict about who has control every day has been causing a lot of zig zagging, backwards, forwards, up and down twirly confusion on my weight loss journey.

I am finally willing to say, I actually love and adore both of these aspects of myself and making space for both of them is important. Making no parts of me bad… is becoming more important as I realise more and more that love is the key to my success!

But finding a way to honour all these parts of me while still being healthy and happy has been a bit tricky.

Delightfully, I feel closer then ever to finding this inner harmony.

Hopefully this means I will be able to walk my path to my goal weight confidently, consistently with joy and ease! Loving all parts of myself and therefore being able to fully love and enjoy the journey!

New rules:

1. Eat one meal a day of whatever and whenever to honour my inner rebel free spirit.

2. Fast the rest of the day with water and tea to honour my inner dreaming high achieving purist.

Nice and simple…just the way I like it! 🙂

And what makes it better then ever, cherry on top fabulous, is that it is realistic and doable today!

No starting tomorrow illusions!

What can you do today to honour your truth and make progress towards your dreams? Remember… the question is what can you do realistically today? Not what can you do in an ideal world tomorrow when fantasy self is running the show.