When I can, I go fast and fearlessly.

And on other days, like today. I go soft, slow and steady.

Today I had two beautiful meals with a ten hour fast between breakfast and dinner. And today that was a steady, soft and spectacular step towards my dreams.

I had plenty of reasons and excuses to through in the fasting towel. Surround by people snacking and being so kind offering me great healthy food like strawberries and grapes every hour. I smiled a big loving smile and said “No Thank You, but Thank You for offering.” I was also exhausted and emotionally totally pummelled.

But no… I powered through for ten solid daylight hours.

And then when I did choose to eat, I honoured my bright line of eating meals only. And I had a beautiful scrumptious meal under the moonlight. It was serene and an act of kindness and compassion for myself.

And the best most spectacular part of today, was that it was a very powerful reminder of how important conditioning my body and life to OMAD is.

As I stared up at the moon, I thought how better I would feel when I manage to get sustainable vibrant energy and a way of eating that supports and nourishes me.

Being in ketosis and being a fat for fuel woman, would have made today a million times more enjoyable! My sugar crash was so big and despite starting the day feeling like the energiser bunny… I ended up totally decimated. But that’s what the sugar burning life is like.

Hitting the energetic wall today in a training environment really makes me that much more dedicated and committed to my dream.

To really be able to enjoy my precious and sacred life, getting mastery over my food… is essential!

And that clarity is a lovely feeling. One that I will bask in.

What feelings can you bask in today?

What about your day gave you clarity?

Is OMAD essential for you?