I am learning a great new skill at the moment.

My dream is to be confidently a raw vegan ketosis Omad happy healthy high flying human.

When I am doing it I love myself.

and in the past, when I am not, I am living in shame, self hate and fear!

So shit obviously had to change!

Because if Shame was helpful I’d be in my right sized body, happy, healthy and free! But it doesn’t help!! It is toxic and diminishing. When I feel shame I want to run and hide… and eat chocolate and milk.

So today I am saying no more.

I vow today, to share my journey, to love my journey to alignment, to food freedom, to my right sized body, everyday!

No matter what!!

I will love myself and share my journey in service to other budding blossoming Vomads every single day. Because us Vomad Rebels are a powerful bunch… and finding our joyful alignment is crucial to living our lives fully!

I will never hide again!

And I invite you to do the same!

Come out and say Yes!

I will stand in the light of day and love myself, my journey and the powerful steps I took today!

And may you stand in the light of day… wherever you are in your journey and celebrate the powerful steps YOU took today! Because I promise you… if you look for those steps… you WILL ABSOLUTELY FIND THEM!

Take a moment, breathe in, stand tall and identify 2 small powerful steps you took!

Yay You!!!!

These are some of my powerful steps!

Today I was successful in eating one meal a day. (Yooohooo!!)

Today I ate a large Big Mac meal with coke, sweet mustard sauce and 6 nuggets. And if the ice cream machine worked, I would have had a Sunday too. (It was better then starving and not having energy for the big day I had!)

And the best part of the meal was that it gave me energy and I took it to the park and enjoyed every mouthful. I felt gratitude in every mouthful. I sat on the grass and breathed in the fresh air.

It was blissful!

And being mindful while I ate was a huge win!

And eating without my phone on was another powerful bold step towards my dream!

Enjoying every mouthful was a big win!

Loving myself in the moment and saying it’s ok, this is my best today. And my best is getting better every day.

I ate it without the toxic shame and while still being connected to my dream and who I really am.

I learnt to dance with my daily reality and made the best of it! The self compassion felt so liberating!

So did understanding that as Gabriel Cousens says… conscious eating… for it to be long lasting and sustainable… generally takes time.

Years are ok.

Months are ok.

Progress and staying loving and kind to myself every single day is essential not perfection!

So todays count for OMAD was day 2!

And my dream raw vegan Omad is day 0!

I will tell the truth. I will dream!

And I will love myself and the journey every single blessed beautiful blossoming day.

And may you love yours!!