It is a new beginning today.

Day One of Raw Vegan Keto Omad!


The excitement is tangible!

I feel like it is time to take the next step and embrace rainbow green live food cuisine… phase 1.

I have been constantly struggling with energy and I know from reading some of Gabrielle Cousen’s work that raw cacao and the sugar from fruit can be not helpful when your body needs big healing and resetting.

I am grateful for the sweetness at the beginning and know I would not be confidently starting this new chapter without all that sweetness. I needed it to stay raw vegan Omad!

Now what I need… is to heal these deep underlying issues.

My cancer is shrinking… slowly.

But the fatigue is real and constant and I need to change things up! Stable energy is essential!

So with this new beginning, I am also very excited because this way of eating is also keto friendly. And I have wanted to get into the keto zone even since I heard the Ketogenic runner Stu Mittleman talk about stable energy and going from chaos to stability!

Bring it on!

Stability! Here I come!

It is suggested I stay in phase 1 between 3 months to 6 months depending on my results and how I feel.

But I like the idea of staying keto for life.

I pray to the angels that keto and doing phase 1 can unleash stable energy!!

And may this dream of having enough energy to be the woman I dream to be come true.

I am tired of not having enough energy to do what’s important… living with constant fatigue… means I am living on the edge of frustration and irritation, even though I sincerely love my life! Constant tiredness makes even the most lovely moments grey.

This needs to change!

And I am delighted that I am making a change and diving into a new beginning today!!