I love fasting!

That is why this blog is called Fasting is Fabulous!

Sometimes, I loose my way. I forget my path is peace and connection and beauty.

Sometimes, I am seduced into the rightness of an idea.

Yesterday was one of those days.

I am delighted I only lost one day… ok, you got me… two days(the day before as well) down that path.

Last night as I lay in bed… my mind started dancing with the answers to my questions.

How can I be passionate about what I am passionate about without being consumed by the negativity, ugliness and drama that is also around and connected to these passions?

How can I walk my path free, happy, accepting and full of love and laughter.

How can I avoid argument, conflict, rightness, righteousness, separation and hate?


That’s how!

It’s Fasting!

It has always been fasting!!

Ok… Fasting and plants. (Because you gotta eat something…)

But mostly fasting!

Fasting and eating plants(even meat eaters eat plants occasionally.) is connecting!

And specifically Fasting!

I have fasted since I was 21, when I did my first ten day water fast. So that’s over 12 years of experience, failure and fun with fasting.

I was failing at doing my dream 40 day water fast everyday for years… unbeknownst to me I was successfully doing daily intermittent fasting… but way back then, it was failure.

I’ve done heaps and heaps of 2 and 3 day fasts.

I even did a 22 day water fast back in 2012.

And this year fasting has helped me completely reclaim my life, my power and my sense of self.

Fasting has also helped me connect to the ability to say no, which has helped me let go of alcohol and sugar and dairy and coffee, all things that were causing harm to my mind and body! (And relationships!)

Fasting has always been more then a healthy habit.

It has been a way that I create the space in my life to hear my soul speak.

A way for me to stop, let go, be still and heal.

Fasting is one of my favourite doors to Spirit.

Fasting connects me to possibility and perspectives that are simply and sadly, not present when I am eating and snacking all day long!

Fasting also honours my other true loves.

Like Equality! Fasting is free and available to every human on the planet! And I ADORE that!

Fasting is also non exclusive to any “diet” or “lifestyle”. It is for religious and secular, paleo, vegan, low carb, high fat, athletes, office worker, men, women… ALL HUMANS.

And it is something that everyone already does. Everyone already fasts.

So it is connective at its core!

The only difference is duration, intention for fasting, skill and comfort level. But everyone does it.

It’s a bit like breathing. But I don’t find breathing so interesting. 🙂

So yesterday was a big eye opener. A day of course correction.

I need to stay on my path.

No… I choose to stay on my path.

I choose a path of heart centred living, and heart centred writing!

I choose to use this space, this blog to talk about my passion for Fasting and Eating Plants. And that can serve all humans… not just vegans or raw vegans.

I choose connection, respect and unity!

I choose my love of fasting and my love of plants!

But mostly… my love of fasting!

Because my favourite part of the day is the 23 hours I am FREE from food, not the one hour eating window!

Clarity has landed!

Thank the heavens for Lightbulb Moments!!!