Today, breakfast was great.

Today… the whole morning was great!

In the photo you can even see the two jars of jasmine green tea I made to take with me today! (I just finished the second one.)

I awakened… with the help of a blessed alarm at 5:00am! Yes, I was sleepy, but it was ok. Certainly not the agony I thought!

I did a short 15 minute Headspace meditation.

A couple slow and long stretches that felt magical and so expansive while listening to some random but enlightening song on my “spiritual” play list.

Then off to do my Morning Pages and my shower. I was a little rushed today because I had a ridiculously long and lovely hot and cold shower. But it was totally worth the time investment… I got out feeling so alive and radiant.

I was in the kitchen all dressed for the day at 7:15am. So much later then I desire… but I felt so happy and fresh and enjoyed my kitchen time so much more today. And I feel it had a lot to do with the morning rituals of self care I made time for and prioritised today! (Meditation, stretching, morning Pages and a shower while everyone else is asleep and not interrupting my bliss!)

I even felt inspired to put on some music when I started in the kitchen today! It was certainly not all rush, rush, rush!

There was plenty of time for bliss!

I was also talking WAY too much, and thus I was very distracted and slow to do everything!!

But there was a kind of blissful serenity to this morning.

We were still out of the house and on time for school.

I had my fake juice and scrumptious breakfast. It was lovely.

But there was one big difference… I never sat down to eat. I just ate while I made everything and ate while I cleaned up.

I need to look into the science behind eating while your sitting and standing. I have heard it is good to eat while standing but it is so against my assumption that sitting while eating is best!

But by standing and keeping active… my morning flowed very very well.

So I wonder.

Is sitting down still the best? Still essential?

And if so… how can I find that extra forty minutes in my morning?

My favourite part of this morning was drinking my smoothie to “Break on through to the other side” by The Doors! Dancing away. Cleaning up. Enjoying every mouthful of aƧai chocolate goodness.

Life… and certainly my breakfast is better when there is great music and that perfect song to accompany that perfect moment.

A delicious and delightful kind of synergy went on in my kitchen this morning… music uplifting my spirit and mind, while my food was delighting my taste buds and body.

It was a magical!