Today, I simply ate too much food after my weekend 70 hour fast! It was delicious and scrumptious and nutritious!

But it was just too much!

On normal days it has been the perfect amount.

But now that my body is starting to adjust to the food changes and fasting, I need to take time and listen to my body while eating.

And… Go slow!



I used to fear I could not eat enough in my one hour eating window and would rush my food. Gobbling everything I could before my eating window closed! And now that the fear is gone and I am adjusting, I am now free to take another approach.

I am free to be easy about it and enjoy my food and I am now free to go slow.

I also think I need to reduce the amount of nut mylk I use for my smoothie. The cherubs will be happy! More for them! 🙂

And then if at the end, I am still hungry I can easily have an apple or two or even three if I so desire.

It didn’t feel good pouring about 250 mls of my amazing supper smoothie down the sink. All those amazing ingredients wasted. Very sad.

But, it is a very good and clear insight. I need to see Monday Morning as a different kind of day and take into consideration my weekend extended fast.

I need to be more sensitive to the weekly rhythm and flow. And that feels like a nice new awareness to cultivate!

It feels like I am getting more clarity and getting to fine tune my weekly menu! That’s fun. And it is also a great sign of progress!!

And I adore progress!!!

Today, I invested time going shopping and finding my yummy tumeric coconut raw wraps, some great smelling ox heart tomatoes and organic rocket!

Yes! Surprise! Surprise!!

I actually enjoyed shopping for food! A massive shift indeed! Grocery shopping only last week felt like domestic torture and I was lamenting to my husband my great sorrow at having to shop every single week! (Oh, the tragedy of repetitive domestic tasks!)

But today, I actually authentically enjoyed myself!!

Now that I eat less, I feel more intentional about the ingredients I use! I felt genuinely excited to find such lovely great smelling REAL tomatoes and other goodies.

I think farmers markets might be in my future… still far off in my future… but I can imagine the best produce would be there!!!

More dreams are being birthed every day in this lifestyle. I feel like things are good when they have unexpected and delightful ripple effects.

And being a Raw Vegan Omad is certainly doing that!!