Today celebrates 5 weeks living the dream!

Five weeks being raw vegan and eating only one meal a day! With a few whole day fasting on the weekend.

Yay! (Insert happy dance!)

Part of making life changes enjoyable is celebrating the wins and taking a moment to breathe it all in and reflect.

It feels amazing to reach this moment where I feel very secure in my changes. I can look out into my future and into the rest of the year and see me living in alignment with my raw vegan Omad dreams.

I see how I can find alignment on the holidays, special occasions and really busy times and I even feel confident about the stressful days full of unknowns.

And mostly it’s because I have come to know a very core truth. No matter the difficulty in being raw vegan Omad… it is nothing in comparison to the pain not living in alignment. No convenience and no taste comes close to this inner calm that comes from living in alignment with my values.

I need to have integrity and peace with my own conscious more then I need a Big Mac.

And what a relief it is to have finally found this place of decision and clarity.

For a long time, a love of Joy in the Now would always distract me from my raw vegan dreams.

But now I can see that some fleeting “joys in the now” really do destroy future wellbeing… like sugar. Sweet to taste but always an emotionally draining plummet in energy will follow.

It feels nice to find the grounded awareness that allows me to respond to life and make choices. In the past… I felt trapped in reactions, like a pin ball being slammed from one moment to the next.

It feels nice to have the inner capacity to cultivate new helpful habits like meditating instead of reaching towards another pizza for an instant food high.

It feels nice making it to 5 weeks… 35 whole days! Such a better feeling than repeating day one, over and over and over again!

I feel so thankful because it was all that trying that taught me who I needed to become to find alignment.

Now onwards to week 6…