Even after tasting yesterday’s kale wraps and knowing they are rather disappointing and something to endure and not enjoy… I still decided to eat them today instead of go shopping yesterday.

Because yes, the kale wraps kinda suck. But, they are raw. And, they are vegan. And Mose importantly they are nutritious and helping my body heal.

And, I still have other lovely food to really enjoy, like my chocolate a├žai nut mylk smoothie.

The idea that food is not entertainment has been a concept I have aspired to for many many years. But I feel like it’s only in the last two days that I have started to find some alignment with this concept.

I feel like I have found a bit of alignment because I am eating the kale wraps because they are nutritious, in alignment with my values and are even medicinal. Certainly not for fun!

And now that I am observing this shift with my kale wraps, I can also now identify that I am drinking my “fake” juice because it’s real food… not for its joy or entertainment factor. So without realising it… shifts have been happening.

But still… there is no way I could remove all joy from my meal and eat only medicinal food. I still “need” my chocolate smoothie! I still need to end on a happy note!

But hopefully soon enough, I will be able to transition to Gabriel Cousens healing protocol diet of Rainbow Live Food Cuisine phase 2… which requires no fruit, no raw chocolate… no green tea… for at least three whole months! Yes… ninety whole days and night!! At least! Possibly 6 months! Possibly 180 days!!

I really want to get to this “medicinal” point with food, especially that I am still in the process of healing a little skin cancer on my nose. It has reduced in size with the changes I have made in the last month. But I feel like to really heal and take my wellbeing to the next level, I will need to do phase 2 for at least 3 months!

I am feeling optimistic about the possibility. So many changes have happened. Now this next level… where food does not need to be emotionally soothing or joyful is the next change.

I am imagining that I need to be a very whole balanced happy person to be able to eat in a medicinal only way for 3 months.

And to be that person… is a big journey in itself. It is not a rarity to see people who would rather die being “happy” eating food that is slowly killing them then be able to be happy and then able to eat for health and wellbeing reasons. It’s such a personal choice and it really sparks such heated passionate viewpoints.

I am not saying that I want to live the rest of my life being a medicinal only food eater. But to be able to do it for a year and then whenever I need to for annual “tune ups” would be nice and feel rather liberating!

I really want to experience physical radiance and beautiful energetic vitality!

I still feel dependent on my food for emotional support… I do NEED that sweet scrumptious chocolate smoothie in the morning! It’s not something that is optional at the moment… and I hate experiencing that feeling of dependence and addiction.

But slowly… this too will change.