Today celebrates a month of being a Raw Vegan Omad! What an accomplishment!

What I love about this experience is that it is getting easier and easier every day.

I do remember some times in the past when I was eating raw, I often felt like I constantly needed a lot grit and white knuckles. It was a constant strain and struggle. It required enormous effort to maintain and obviously was never sustainable for the long term.

Yes there are moments of struggle… like Saturday. But that is the rarity, thankfully not my daily experience.

It is a relief for the journey to feel so different this time! And I feel that is because I finally added the missing piece! Daily fasting of 23 hours!

I soak my almonds overnight. I wake up in the morning, and slowly, week by week it’s getting easier to wake up earlier. Today I awakened with my daughter at 5am.

I do some meditation(just ten minutes), then some journaling and then into the kitchen I go.

And when I enter the kitchen there is now a lot of flow and ease!

It is remarkable how much change has occurred just in this first month.

When I started, I was waking up at 7am, grumpy and tired and would put on some tv show on my phone in the kitchen just to pacify and distract myself as I struggled. And I needed the comfort of the show… because it was stressful making all this food, especially when I was so tired and so grumpy!!!

But today, I can honestly say it was easy. I was happy enough… not blissful, but certainly not grumpy. And it was certainly not stressful.

I ate everything, even my gross “fake” juice. I didn’t feel rushed and I was even able to enjoy my family.

I am happy to have completed my first month and I am delighted to feel this path is sustainable and I feel very confident moving into the second month.

It feels like a real lifestyle change… one that has a positive ripple effect on all other parts of my life. And a change that feels stable and is really becoming my new way of life. My New Normal!

I am sleeping better.

I am feeling calmer.

I am able to meditate again, day 17 today. (Yay!!)

I am feeling more connected with loved ones.

My skin is clearing up.

And I am loosing weight every week and confidently moving towards my right sized body!

Win! Win! Win!

What a relief to have finally found something that works for me and my life!!!

Oh the sweet relief!