I feel so steady in Eating one meal a day!

Today I didn’t even have my raw granola as my raw vegan cafe has closed. But that’s ok, I feel I need to add more greens and fresh produce anyway.

Today I ate my lovely tomato, rocket and tahini wrap. A fake juice. And my yummy chocolate almond mylk smoothie.

Making almond mylk everyday is so simple and easy now!! I remember when it used to feel like such a big ordeal! It is really true that the more one does something, the easier it gets!

I look forward to when exercise is as easy as making almond mylk. 🙂 Soon Enough!

I don’t yet sit down and eat my meal for the full hour, but I am feeling more relaxed in the mornings and definitely less rushed then last week. (It’s a win!!)

All in all, I am feeling more relaxed with everything. Life as a raw vegan OMAD feels nice and steady today! Yay! And that feels heavenly.

I even made some scrumptious green tea to take with me today. It’s been fabulous. They are just small 250ml jars and the perfect little uplift and refreshment to have in my bag. Not hot, but perfect! It feels like a secret stash of rejuvenation waiting for me, whenever I need it. No more searching for a cafe with decent green tea!

It really feels like I am in the flow today!

How delightful!