It feels as if my body is adjusting to the fabulous food I am eating. And I feel now that I am really secure in knowing that I can survive and function on raw food once again and fast 23 hours a day. I feel I might need to reassess how much I am eating.

I feel I am now eating too much in the morning. A feeling of being over full at the end of my eating hour has happened both today and yesterday.

But that could also be because I am rushing and not eating calmly and slowly.

And one thing I know for sure is small changes are essential. So I am not rushing in to make changes.

So there are more questions then answers today.

Do I need to eat smaller portions?

Or will my body adjust to the portions and it’s important to eat enough?

Do I need to find a way to wake up earlier?

Or do I need to accept that rushing in the morning is my normal at the moment?

Do I need to prioritise sleep and waking up naturally?

Or is eating slowly essential and I need to prioritise waking up at a set time?

So today I will sit with my questions and try and be ok with not knowing.

The clarity will come in.

Sooner or later.