I have a rather, mystical and magical relationship with raw food… with the practice of eating live vital plants.

For when I eat this way… it always brings me closer in to the ones I love, to the things I love and to the woman I love to be.

When I eat this way I feel a deeper connection to my heart and feelings of connection and expansiveness.

And when I eat this way my consciousness is free to fly high more and more, my mind is more sensitive to thoughts that feel good, to thoughts that spark joy.

I am not sure why this is.

Is it because I am no longer eating flesh and animal products that have stress and fear hormones due to the traumatic death process that occurs in our “modern” day abattoirs?

Is it because I simply feel better about myself as I am living in alignment with my value of kindness to all beings?

Is it because by eating high-frequency, close to living foods my body is supported to feel good?

Is it because I am finally getting all the nutrition I need to thrive?

Is it because I am asserting my love for animals, myself, humans and the planet and that foundation of dedication opens up my consciousness to more love?

Is it because I respect myself more because I now spend my money and support industries and businesses that are in alignment with my values and my dreams for society?

I don’t know scientifically why it is this way. But I am grateful that it is.

As the weeks go on, as the days go on, I feel old angers and hurts coming up to be released and I feel love and connection opening up more and more.

I am feeling more patient and loving towards my precious children.

I am feeling more ease and flow in my lovebird marriage.

I am feeling more respectful and appreciative of my sensational sister and enjoying more deeply the blessings of sisterhood.

I am feeling more self compassion, acceptance and enjoying more and more my ever expanding journey.

Every day, even though healing is happening and at moments I am needing to rest instead of run, everyday I count my blessings to have found alignment to raw vegan Omad living… it really is, all I dreamed it to be!

Beautiful, nourishing and life affirming!