I thought the kitchen scale and weighing food was strange, extreme and completely ridiculous!

But, now I actually love it.

I don’t weigh everything, but things that I like to ration out for the week, like my lavish raw granola feels lovely to weigh. It comes in a 500gram pack and I need it to last for my five eating at home days.

It means every day I have enough and never have a “short” day with not enough. No raw granola days makes me a happy lady! Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my raw granola! A short day would totally suck!!!

It also has meant that I have consistency in how much I eat, which is nice. Because at the moment I feel satisfied every day and easily enjoy my daily 23 hour fast.

I also measure out other things like I have one cup of almond mylk on my raw granola.

But I don’t weigh everything at the moment, but maybe one day I will.

There is a nice precision to the ritual.

Change happens and the most peculiar things, like a kitchen scale can have such lovely repercussions and support positive changes.

And on another side note… yes!! Today was rushed too!!! Hahaha! I just can’t seem to get the hang of waking up earlier! But thankfully I have another chance tomorrow!

Fingers crossed!!!