Can you see that beautiful dark green juice in my breakfast photo?

How beautiful is it!

It was so vibrant and green. It was the epitome of Green goodness!

And it was a fake! But fabulous!!

I am so grateful to TannyRaw for creating a youtube video about how to make celery juice without a juicer. I did that a few times and because I have run out of celery, I’ve been a bit more creative with my “blender juice.”

Ok, so the truth is I have had two amazing(and expensive) cold press juicing machines. Both were amazing! Both made the most miraculous healing juices!


And this is a big BUT!!

I absolutely hated them! I hated the time, the effort, the cleaning!!!!!!!!!!

Juicing was my own kind of self imposed torture!

My preference would be to have a fresh cold press green juice everyday to have first. That is the dream.

And maybe…. one day…. I might evolve into a person who can love juicing! In my dreams, I love juicing like Dan the Life Regenerator loves juicing!

But for now, I am absolutely loving my blender fake “juice”. It means I only have one machine to wash in the morning, and thankfully my new blessed Vitamix even has a self cleaning function… which I absolutely adore!!

The “juice” still feels life affirming and healing even though it’s not actually a juice.

And because I strain it through a nut bag it is my favourite kind of juice… silky smooth with NO floaties! It’s heavenly.

For now this fake juice is perfection. It takes less then 7 minutes to make, strain and clean. Where as juicing always took an hour from start to finish.

And my favourite part! I NEVER have to clean those annoying stainless steel filters where pulp would get stuck in!!! It would take me 5 minutes just cleaning that part of the juicer with those stupid annoying brushes!

I feel free!

On a side note… my juice this morning was kale, lemon and coriander and it was disgusting! But somehow it still felt nice and healing.

My North Star is still shining bright and I am free to love where I am and who I am today.




Is there somewhere in your life where an imperfect “fake” version of something might be fabulous?