Today, being Monday, is a start of a new week. And once again my morning is full of action. Making almond mylk, making breakfast for the kids and myself. It is a lot of action for a woman accustomed to having a coffee for breakfast… one that I would buy elsewhere. (Yes that’s right! I wouldn’t even make my own coffee!!)

So my mornings are now dramatically different. Requiring me to be active, efficient and still get out of the house on time!!

It is not stressful, it’s just intense and very different.

And today as I started I could feel the relief, that even though I absolutely love eating my breakfast, I am grateful that I have the weekends off!

The space on the weekends where I don’t have any of my breakfast to make or eat is really rejuvenating! It breaks up my week in a really helpful way. I love the freedom from the kitchen and the freedom from cleaning up and the freedom from sitting and needing to eat.

I feel that one of the reasons why I failed in the past was because there was just Too Much eating!! Too Much preparation! Too Much grocery shopping! Too Much planning required! Too Much cleaning!

Just Too Much!!

I even love that I don’t even think about food after breakfast! That gives me much needed space too!

I really can not comprehend the 1950’s women who spent hours in the kitchen baking and cooking! My one hour of prep in the morning and then my 15-30 minutes in the evening making my children dinner is PLENTY!! Even that would be too much for me 7 days a week!

I love our family rituals where the kids have a nice cooked breakfast out at a cafe on Sunday mornings with my Husband where we can all sit and relax. And I have my fabulous Sunday brunch where I can enjoy food I could never be bothered to make for myself! I can’t even comprehend the time it would take to make that pasta yesterday!

It’s the rhythm and space to my week that I am really grateful for! I never get to the point of exhaustion or resentment in my kitchen!

My kitchen is slowly becoming a happy sacred place.

Fasting is just so life Affirming and delightfully helpful on just so many levels!

Who would have thought not eating so much would make me such a happier human?

So strange!

So fabulous!!