I am so grateful to Susan Pierce Thompson for writing Bright Lines.

I received so many amazing insights while listening to the audiobook!

And yesterday, while curled up in bed feeling sick and dreadful, I was reminded about her vision of the weight loss journey, as a once in a lifetime journey that must been treated with tenderness and to remember to wear “bunny slippers!”

I really felt something shift yesterday.

Usually when I have started to loose weight in the past and start to feel bad during the detox and healing journey, I would feel resentful and angry! It felt awful!

Because when I was eating shit and being unhealthy… I was functional. But then I would start loosing weight and feel horrible. I felt unable and unwilling to face the “pain” of healing.

In my vision of weight loss, I felt that when I started to loose weight, I would feel fabulous! I would be full of energy and zest for life… an instant reward for the good food I was now giving my body.

But in Bright Lines, Susan explains how when we loose weight it’s actually a really big stressful event for the body. Where a lot of toxins are released into the bloodstream, as they are no longer stored in the fat. And when your body knows it’s getting healthy food and starts healing, depending on ones personal health, the shift from mere survival(flight and fight mode with all its hormonal implications) to thriving and healing can be a really big time of transition and care for adjusting is required.

So yesterday, instead of feeling disappointed and sad about not feeling like the healthy goddess of my dreams. I really thought about how to see the rest of my weight loss journey in a new light of tenderness and care and to see it as a once in a lifetime journey.

Thank fully I have done Marie Kondo’s “Once in a lifetime clean!” And know deeply that the long term benefits of dedicating time to a specific purpose can be truely life changing!

So for the remainder of the journey, which is another 30kgs. I have lost 25kgs very slowly over the last two years. But I feel optimistic that the next 30 kilograms might take between 6 months to a year. But instead of seeing the next year, the rest of my weight loss and weight stabilisation journey as a dread, something to endure and “suffer” through. I thought deeply about seeing it as a once in a lifetime healing journey where I need to support myself and love myself and ideally make it as Special and as Nice as possible!

Because I am doing something GREAT for myself and understandably the healing may feel uncomfortable and challenging some days, but I can do things to make it as nice as possible.

So in the spirit of Bunny Slippers and Tenderness these are the elements that I am going to be consciously giving myself, in a budget friendly way, to support myself and ideally to enjoy and treasure this life changing journey I am embarking on!!

Elements that I am making a priority(guilt free) during my Bunny Slipper Weight Loss Journey:

  1. Sleep – I can sleep as much as I want, afternoon naps are welcome!
  2. Massage – I can take time to massage myself and release tension and massages from professionals will be common.
  3. Essential oils
  4. Raw vegan chocolate
  5. Lovely herbal teas
  6. Sunshine
  7. Time in nature
  8. A relaxed schedule with lots of free time
  9. Working with healers to support the emotional aspects of this big change
  10. Nice meals at my local raw vegan cafe
  11. Tv and movies are a welcome gentle activity
  12. Writing lists of Positive Aspects
  13. Surrounding myself with positive role models
  14. Listing to interesting audio books
  15. Salt baths, bubble bath and bath bombs are a daily evening ritual… with candlelight and everything
  16. Nice body lotions that feel nice and smell nice
  17. Stretching and gentle yoga
  18. Good music
  19. Actively reducing stress by honouring my budget and specifically avoiding drama
  20. Reading, going to the library and inspiring book shops


If feels good to honour my journey and intentionally work from a place of self compassion and love!

It feel fabulous to be free from the guilt and Shame of being fat, and to see myself as deserving love and kindness! Not punishment and pain!

This is a powerful paradigm shift and I feel it is a sign of great things to come!!