I am saying yes to support in many ways.

I take saint johns wart and say yes to receiving support with managing stress.

I take chromium and say yes to receiving support to say goodbye to sugar.

I take other herbs and say yes to receiving support to heal my liver.

I drink celery and say yes, I need support healing my inflammation.

I talk openly with my family and say yes to honest vulnerable relationships that can support me in this big time of transition with extra love and care.

I ask my phone for support and set an alarm so I can wake up early.

I build relationships with healers and wise people and say yes to emotional and spiritual support.

I pay to use the app Headspace and receive support to develop a meditation habit.

I listen to audio books and receive support in the form of new ideas, inspiration and helpful scientific discoveries.

Part of being successful in eating raw vegan, is a result of being successful at learning how to receive and ask for the support I need. And that step was necessary and started a good year before I found my food alignment.

I once thought it was lazyness. I should just do more, be more, be better, be stronger, be the person who does not need support but supports herself! But now I see saying yes to support as the most loving and enriching habit I have ever created!

It connects me more deeply to beautiful people and helpful creations.

Saying yes to support is a profound act of self love that I now treasure and am extremely proud of!

And right now I am supporting myself with a nurturing cup of green tea.

Support is everywhere… if we can only say yes and be receptive!