Get up.

Put the kettle on for tea.

Put oats in the saucepan to make porridge for the cherubs.

Get the Blender out.

Make almond milk in blender.

Drain almond milk through the nut mylk bag.

Do this.

Add this.

Chop this.

There are many steps in my morning ritual at the moment. Far too many to list. But today I was tired from getting to bed late after my volunteering shift. And thank heavens for my consistency in the morning. My body shifted into autopilot and then….

Viola… like Magic!

There I was sitting down to enjoy my brilliant scrumptious decedent raw vegan breakfast! No stress, no fuss. Just a peaceful morning, where my zombie body made me breakfast!

What a blessing.

I am able to be tired and live in alignment to my raw vegan OMAD dreams! This feels like a miracle. In the past being tired was like torture and I would run panicked to the closest coffee for dear comfort and the instant energy lift my mind demanded.

But it’s not a miracle. It’s just a symptom of consistency. Consistency in my morning routine. But more importantly, consistency in trying to learn acceptance, self love and self compassion. I feel today, I was able to successfully come into alignment with my dream way of eating, which has significant spirituality and philosophical meaning to me, not just because my body it getting into good habits! But more importantly because my mind is learning how to be kind, even in the face of imperfection and exhaustion.

And that is a Miracle!