Today I found a bit more balance for my breakfast.

My mind felt great relief eating avocado and rocket! Some real fresh greens felt essential. I adored the addition of my wrap to breakfast. It is a raw vegan coconut turmeric wrap, and it was scrumptious. I overfilled it a bit in my rush to get breakfast made on time, so it was a bit messy to eat, but oh so yummy!

I then enjoyed my raspberry cacoa smoothie made with fresh home made almond milk with hemp seeds for a boost. And I even added a second banana to my cereal! Heavenly. I didn’t feel over full, but very satisfied. I feel like if I can afford to eat like this forever, raw vegan will be effortless. I am focusing on raw vegan alignment for now, in a month I will start looking at making it budget friendly.

Small steps!

And Yes! That is an edible flower on my wrap! I simply could not resist yesterday when I saw these sweet pretty edible flowers at the grocery store! And I must say, it felt magical eating flowers with breakfast.

I feel flower powered today!

And that is a glorious feeling!🌸