Last night I slept so well!

Saying goodbye to coffee(as its roasted… so not raw vegan aligned) is already proving to be powerfully positive! I dreaded going through some coffee detox, but surprisingly it hasn’t been that bad. I bit tired, but no headaches! Yay! And I slept better and woke up earlier!!

This morning was a blissful repeat of yesterdays magical meal of the day. I made a few little changes. I swapped out the blueberries in my smoothie for raspberries! Oh my, it was lavish and exquisite!

I also dumped in a heap of hemp seeds into my smoothie! It was still yummy! Hurray! I am slowly getting in those helpful additions… in a easy, still tasty way!

And I had a green Granny Smith Apple at the end! It was so fresh and crunchy. I have not had an apple for months, so it was actually a lovely sweet treat.

I again felt full and satisfied. I was a bit better organised and could sit down and slowly enjoy my meal more today, it really helped naturally waking up an hour and a half earlier!

It has been easy to fast the rest of my day. I am anticipating tomorrow’s breakfast and happily waiting for it. No cravings or wanting to eat. I am enjoying my tea and water. And I feel really relaxed.

Today, fasting has felt fabulous and easy! Thank you tasty scrumptious nourishing breakfast!

Day two coffee free!

Day two 100% Raw Vegan!

I am feeling rather happy with myself and life! 🙂