I have found that an essential element to being able to enjoy eating one meal a day is ensuring the meal is satisfying!

I need to hit that spot of nourishment and fullness. That feeling of yummy goodness in my belly is not optional as I once thought!

And today I found a great go to breakfast. What I love about this is that it is doable on days where I don’t have lots of fresh produce or a nice avocado.

It relies on cupboard and frozen food with the banana the only fresh requirement! Which is really great, because having a fall back option feels very good and takes the pressure off!

I made a litre of fresh almond milk with almonds I soaked overnight. Easy!

Then I made a blueberry cacao smoothie that was oh so soul satisfying! And with it I had some yummy raw green granola that was full of goodness and sweetness, topped with sliced banana and almond mylk!

I grew up loving sweet cereal for breakfast and it was even my go to afternoon snack. So to find a raw vegan version is blissful and really helps me achieve my daily essential fullness and satisfaction requirement in a raw vegan way! YAY!!

And there is also a joyful nostalgia that arises whenever I have cut up banana swimming in mylk. It reminds me of my childhood in the best kind of way. It is the epitome of love in a bowl.

Obviously it’s not an everyday meal, but it is a great one to have available when I need that extra hit of love and sweetness in the morning!