Today was a fabulous, beautiful and miraculous day!

Today, I had the ability to step beyond the wall of pessimism, doubt and fear.

Today, I was able to embody hope and step into a new decision. And what a fabulous day it has been. I made the courageous decision at 9am and moved into the day finding one perfect alignment after the other.

Where I would usually have a bacon and egg roll, I found a cold pressed juice that was delicious and satisfying.

Where I would usually go straight to the movies for popcorn. I found myself with the time and inclination to go have a yummy raw vegan kale pesto pasta.

There was this invisible joy from within able to make decisions that honour my deepest callings.

Today, I was capable in a way I have not been for years!

I am beyond my wall of self imposed pessimism and I feel great relief having said yes to my inner optimistic dreamer that still believes one day, maybe even today… that I will make the decision to honour my values of being a raw vegan and the decision will stay strong for the rest of my days.

One can hope…