We all have our obsessions. My enduring obsession is about mastering habits that are in alignment with my goals and values.

I find it surprising that it is such an enduring obsession because I fail at it far more then I succeed.

I have been trying without success for over a decade to master the Habit of vegan eating.

Another of my failed habits is a daily practice of Meditation and Reading.

I am also still currently failing to write blogs consistently.

Actually consistency itself is a baffling habit that I have also failed to master.

And fasting 23 hours a day is another epic habit fail.

I do well for a time… but never reach the automatic beauty of the gold standard Habit status.

But in my obsessive journey I have discovered that there is so much inherent social and individual difficulty in changing habits and conscious habit mastery.

There are unexpected major life events that derail habits in the urgent need for old familiarity.

There are inner compulsions that can be elusive and surprisingly cunning.

There can be intangible but real social and relational obstacles to creating lasting change.

I really didn’t know what I was up against back as a teenager dreaming of being a happy healthy vegan.

But now I am an adult, failed with great success all through my twenties and here in my thirties my dream of happy healthy habits is stronger then ever.

Today has been a successful day 1 of fasting 23 hours. It feels good. A small tiny step. But if I have learnt anything from all my failures: it is to celebrate the wins!

All wins.

Because every single time I do a new habit, it’s one step closer to habit status. It’s one more time I am retraining my brain. It is one more time I said yes to my dreams and no to my undesirable habits and no to what is easy and automatic. It is one more time that I have shown myself that change is possible!