Saying yes can start a whole process of goodness unfolding. Momentum can build from the smallest yes in the right direction.

I didn’t want a smoothie today.

But I said yes to at least having my daily chia seeds.

Then I said yes to lemon juice with my chia seeds.

Then I thought, if I am adding lemon juice I might as well just blend it all up and add the whole two lemons.

Then when I was standing there in my kitchen with my blender out, I thought I might as well add some green powder to get some extra goodness.

Then I thought this needs some sweetness. So I sad Yes to some frozen blueberries.

But it still seemed lacking, so I said yes to a tablespoon of raw cacao.

Then I said yes to some extra dates for a extra delightful whole food sugar hit.

By saying yes to chia seeds, I ended up with a really fabulous morning breakfast smoothie. I am discovering that by saying yes to what is easy, what I can do; I am then at least always doing the bare minimum… but sometimes the yes flows with its own momentum to something really fabulous and healthy. A surprise gift that results effortlessly by saying yes to the small step I can take.

Thank goodness for momentum, because this morning I could not say yes to a smoothie… but I could say yes to chia seeds.