“Perfect is the enemy of the good” ~Voltaire

Today, I am starting to make peace with the good.

I had my coffee which is usually permission to give up on the rest of the day. I know it’s ridiculous and unhelpful perfectionism, but I genuinely feel that if I have failed to be vegan… then I might as well do whatever I feel.

Thankfully today, after many stern talks with myself, I was able to make a smoothie.

I didn’t enjoy it. After the sweet sugar bliss of my coffee, my smoothie tasted like poison.

But that’s ok. I am trying to change habits. And in the interim it isn’t going to taste or feel so good. It is going to be uncomfortable and difficult.

The comfort I find is that after twenty years of coffee, the coffee drinking habit is practically unstoppable and so when I look down into my future I see a woman who has exchanged green smoothies for coffee. That one day I will be unstoppable in my green smoothie morning ritual!

I get comfort from the idea, that one day my body will adjust, the habit will change and I will be free from the guilt of making unhealthy choices!

Freedom and ease… that is what’s on the horizon. So today, that’s where I am looking! At the horizon.

The beautiful healthy horizon.