There is something inside me that has a deep resistance to recipes and cooking in general. ┬áThe number of ingredients. The number of steps. Measuring things out. The unknown ingredients. It’s just all too much.

It is overwhelming and is definitely not fun.

That is why I found the smoothie to be my best friend and have become rather evangelical about the blessed blender!

I just started putting things into the blender and turning it on.

Then like magic in a minute or two, a glorious meal is waiting for me!

Miracles do happen! And they happen in my blender!

I have had lots of resistance to cooking and have spent most of my life eating toast, drinking coffee, eating biscuits, chips, cups of tea, instant noodles, take away and home delivered dinners.

I see Cher in the movie Mermaids serving finger food everyday and I feel a Kindred Spirit dancing around.

Hearing people who like cooking is like looking at an unknowable alien speaking an incomprehensible language. Hearing the process of creating a white sauce is enough for my brain to explode and my eyes to dart around looking for the closest exit.

I hate cleaning pots and pans that are caked on with food. I hate lifting heavy pots and pans and then drying them and then having to put them all away again.

I hate standing at the stove stirring. It feels like torture to my soul to be chained to a stove stirring some high maintenance meal! Even the idea of making pasta inspires a preference towards forks in my eyes.

It is a perplexing hate that runs deep to my core.

But I want to be healthy. And vegan…

So the blender arrived.

I chop.

I add water.

I turn it on.

If I am feeling wild, I add a pinch of salt and extra fresh herbs.

And now being the super amazing smoothie loving goddess I am, I even SOAK my chia seeds before I dump them in!!

It’s a process.

A simple process.

The blender is even super easy to clean! It even has a button to clean itself! I love that it is usually cleaned, dried and put away before I even sit down to my breakfast.

I found my meal creating process. No recipes. No stirring. No stress!

Day in and day out, it is the same. It is dependable and reliable. It is a super simple easy quick process that ALWAYS produces a result that is nutritious and scrumptious. And even if it is not exactly scrumptious… it is still drinkable, and that is good enough for me!

Win! Win! Win!

Praise be to the Smoothie!