The magic and ease of yesterday’s alignment has gone. And what remains is a headache and a mind trying to find a loophole that will allow sugar to flood my system once again.

But thankfully I found ways to simply continue. Not ideal ways. But at least I have stayed true to my hearts intention. Tv helped. Sleep was a great distraction. Eminem was soothing too, I became focused on the words in the songs not the chatter in my head.

I want to continue my journey. I want to actually see if a brain free from sugar can be enjoyable. I sure know it would be healthier and more budget friendly. But could it feel ok?

I hope so. My personal past experience says life without sugar equals torture. But there are many brave souls who have traveled before me and from the other side wave a flag of hope. I doubt they are all lying. But sometimes I wonder.

May I simply continue. So I can discover the truth for myself. They all say give the body time to heal and find balance again.

I’m giving myself a year.


Today’s One Meal was:

Smoothie: 2 lemons, 2 tomatoes, rocket, 3 apples, 1 Oz of Coconut oil and cucumber.

With 3oz of Almonds.

Followed by a Matcha Tea.