Ideas. Plans. Preparations. Research. Brainstorming. So much thinking. So much cerebral obsession preceded what has felt like a magical day of flow, ease and grace.

It was only 2 days ago that I feared I might never unpack my new Vitamix. I feared I might be trapped in perpetual planning and would never have the inner alignment required to transform my great idea into an action.

My great idea was the culmination of more then a decade of Vegan epic fails. (Not kidding! There has been epic yo-yo slingshots from my dream vegan lifestyle to my food addict uncontrollable binging of diarrhoea inducing fake food!)

But my dream has evolved and the last piece of the puzzle to arrive came in last week. The idea is simple enough! The idea that floated in like an answered prayer, was to blend my salad, so it’s easy to eat: and to have my nuts on the side to satisfy my crunch quota! This was a bit wild as my sugar loving brain was feeling offended by the idea of a smoothie without loads of fresh sweet fruit. But despite the offensive nature of the idea, I could feel the beauty of it. It ticked all the boxes!

  1. It was Vegan.
  2. It was time friendly.
  3. It honours my preference for drinking my calories. (I love fast food!)
  4. It’s easy to make.
  5. It could easily be my one meal a day.
  6. It is life friendly. No matter how full the day might be, I can always find time for a Smoothie!
  7. It is Bright Line Friendly.

Win! Win! Win!

So today that’s what I have done. I enjoyed a Salad smoothie with almonds for my One Meal of the Day. A dream come true! I have the energy and time to pursue other passions. AND (Most importantly), I am guilt free because I have honoured my hearts desire to live a peaceful compassionate vegan life.

Today is a very good day!

Today’s Bright Line Raw Vegan OMAD meal consists of 4oz of raw almonds with my Salad smoothie of 2oz chia seeds soaked in 500mls of water, 3 oz of rocket, 2 continental cucumbers, 1 tomato, 1 Oz of coconut oil and 2 lemons.

That fantastical feeling when an idea blossoms in physicality is such a treasure. And I feel deep appreciation for the treasure that today has given me.

Making today’s smoothie felt like the start of a whole new life changing journey. A journey of beauty, ease, stability and inner freedom.

My future feels bright. And that feels fabulous!