I started my vegan compassion journey as a rebellious child trying to say no to the compulsory meat component to dinner. Understandably, It didn’t go so well.

I failed to find my path in my teens.

My twenties were a traumatic roller coaster of yo-yo food swings.

My thirties didn’t start off too well either.

So why bother? Failing to find alignment has been anything but fun. But here I am 33 years old with a trail of “failures” and a long list of reasons why being vegan and why even trying to be vegan really sucks.

But here I am. Despite everything, I have the same dream of living a kind life still pulsing through my veins.

And despite all the trauma of trying to find alignment and failing, I have fallen more and more in love with compassionate vegan food every year!

And that’s why I bother! Because there is just soooooo much to love!!

Here’s my love list:

  1. When I am vegan, compassion blossoms in my life in beautiful and unexpected ways.
  2. My inner child feels happy and free to love
  3. It feels kind and that feels soothing
  4. Vegan food is colourful and bright
  5. I am part of a passionate community
  6. I feel happy about the businesses and industries I support
  7. I am being part of the solution
  8. I feel healthier
  9. I feel lighter
  10. It reduces stress
  11. It reduces shame
  12. It reduces guilt
  13. I feel good about the ripple effect of my life and choices
  14. It is budget friendly
  15. I love supporting plant farmers
  16. I love the smell of plant food cooked or raw
  17. It honours my love of environment
  18. I love sustainability and by doing eating only plants, I honour my inner activist in a meaningful way
  19. I feel at peace with my consumption choices
  20. My heart is open
  21. My heart is happy
  22. I believe in change and have faith in humanity and our collective future
  23. It creates conditions for happiness to grow
  24. Food digests better, I smell better
  25. More aspects of decision free living comes in
  26. I fall asleep happy with my daily choices
  27. I feel more enthusiastic about life
  28. It gives me hope and a better headspace for meditation.
  29. It creates other healthy ripple effects
  30. It makes shopping choices clearer and easier
  31. I feel proud of my actions
  32. It is humbling which makes me more accepting of others
  33. I feel more content and confident in who I am.