I am born on the 6th of March, on the day of The Beauty Lovers. And in deed that is true. I value Beauty deeply.

The beauty of the sky calls me to look up often and for long deep moments of serenity. The beauty of my children playing takes my breathe away. The beauty of the sparkle in my husbands eye keeps me falling in love more deeply every day. The beauty of an unexpected flower while walking to my car, always makes me stop and savour a moment of wonder.

Beauty is one of my core values. And this realisation is deeply effective in trying to walk a vegan peaceful path.

The beauty of a vegan life helps me take a step into alignment.

When I think of the avacadoes growing on the tree, then being packed, then being bought, then finding their way to a cafe and then into a kitchen being sliced open and sprinkled with salt and pepper and drizzled with olive oil and then drenched in the sour brightness of a lemon. The beauty of that story inspires me to choose avocado toast for brunch.

The beauty of my salad once growing in a field inspires my delight in salads.

The beauty, that my life comes from plants growing towards the sun inspires me into alignment.

Alignment with vegan living is all I seek these days… so I must simply and consistently(whenever possible) surrender myself to the Beauty of this planet.

Let go.


And simply… follow the beauty from one moment to the next.